Benefits of Hiking

Why is taking a hiking holiday so good for you?

Walking & hiking are simple, free ways of getting more physically active. They are ideal for people of all ages and fitness levels. They are easy to fit into your daily routine and don’t require any outlay to get started. Why not join us for a great hiking holiday?

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Getting outside into the great outdoors is enough reason for many people to enjoy a hiking holiday. The facts are though that walking and hiking has so many great benefits.  

Benefits of Hiking
Benefits of Hiking

Here are 5 great reasons to tie up your shoes and get hiking:

1 Reduce your risk of disease: including heart disease, stroke, certain types of cancer, type 2 diabetes, asthma and obesity .

2 Improve your strength: Hiking is great for increasing general mobility and muscle strength in your lower body. Walking and hiking will also improve your sense of balance.

3 Improve your mental health: Spending more time in the countryside reduces stress and anxiety. It can lead to a lower risk of depression and help with it’s symptoms.

4 Weight Control: hiking is a great way to lose weight. Its possible to burn 0ver 400 calories an hour and get enjoyment from the activity.

5 Improve your social life: Hiking with a partner can improve the strength and health of your relationships.  Joining a hiking holiday on your own gives you the chance to meet new people.

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At The Cotswold Walking Co, we don’t just offer Hiking Holidays in The Cotswolds. Why not try a hiking holiday in Turkey? The Lycian Way is widely regarded as one of the top 10 hiking routes in the world. Here is a link to our website for activity holidays in Turkey and here is the link to our specialist Lycian Way website

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