Cotswold hiking in Style

Upgrade your accommodation and do some Cotswold hiking in Style!

At The Cotswold Walking Co we offer upgraded accommodation on all our itineraries. You can walk The Cotswold Way or our own 54 mile circular ‘Cotswold Finest’ route. Just ask for an upgrade when you enquire with us and we will charge an extra £25 per person per night to our advertised itineraries.

Now, all our standard itineraries use a range of good quality B&B’s, hotels and Inns, also all rooms will have ensuite bathroom facilites. Your accommodation will be situated on or close to the walking route you choose. We provide you with all the information you need in our itinerary packs. Now, if  you prefer an extra touch of luxury then we will accommodate you in some of the best accommodation along each hiking route. We select award winning choices whilst keeping with a range of accommodation to give you the best possible experience when Cotswold hiking in style. Inns that have been rewarded for their outstanding food. B&B’s and boutique hotels that have been recognised for their excellent customer service.

Cotswold hiking in style

How do we know about the available accommodation?

Simple, it comes from the local experience gained by living and working in The Cotswolds. At The Cotswold Walking Co. we know the accommodation possibilities for all our itineraries and so make the best choices for our guests.

To help you decide which option you prefer we have provided some examples. Here are links to accommodation we use regularly on our standard itineraries: .

And here are some links to upgraded accommodation on The Cotswold Way route:

For more information about Cotswold hiking in style, get in touch using our email address .

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