Cotswold Way Accessories guide

Some useful accessories when hiking The Cotswold Way

We have discussed in previous blogs on this website suggested hiking wear for The Cotswold Way. In this blog we will cover Cotswold Way accessories guide some useful accessories for your day rucksack when out hiking:

Water /fluid containers

Cotswold Way Accessories guide water bottles

Water bottles and hydration bladders make up the two best choices for carrying cold fluid on your walk. My personal preference is a well-made water bottle. I know plenty of hikers that prefer hydration bladders. Having had a bladder split in my rucksack means that I now only take bottles with me. Here is a link to my personal favourite

Small first kit aid

Cotswold Way Accessories guide small first aid kit

I always carry a small first aid kit in my day sack. Key elements are; antiseptic cream, blister and ordinary plasters, assorted bandages and a small guide, leaflet to remind me of key points concerning first aid. Here is a link to a good selection of travel first aid kits

Swiss army knife

Cotswold Way Accessories guide swiss army knife

I’ve had mine for over 25 years and the blades are still sharp. The scissors still cut very well and the corkscrew has opened countless bottles of wine!

Small binoculars

Cotswold Way Accessories guide small binoculars

These are useful if you like to check out the local wildlife and look for route signs etc. If like me, you easily forget that you are carrying them, it is not a bad idea to hang them around your neck.

Rucksack waterproof cover

When you are hiking in countries like the UK that experience wide-ranging weather patterns, then a waterproof rucksack cover is a good idea. They are very light and fold up small. A cover can also be used to sit on when eating lunch or taking a well-earned rest. Here is a link for you 

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