Cotswold Way Group Discount

If you are a group of friends wanting to Hike in The Cotswolds then read on.  At The Cotswold Walking Co you can receive a Cotswold Way Group discount.

We can design a special hiking itinerary to suit your group’s needs. Then give a discount on our advertised website prices.

Groups vary in sizes, in the past we have organized for a few groups of 12 people to hike together on the route. Most common group sizes are between 6 and 8 people. We advise all groups to book early for the 2018 hiking season. The reason for this is that accommodation can get booked up quickly. Usually by early Spring much of the summer accommodation on The Cotswold Way route is booked.

Cotswold Way Hikers

As a group, it is likely you will need 3 or more rooms each night. Much of the accommodation for The Cotswold Way is Guesthouses, B&B’s and Inns, having between 3 and 6 rooms. This is why booking early is important. In our experience most groups do not mind sharing different accommodation each night. Our company likes to keep groups close together if they are not in one accommodation. Becasuse we have a good relationship with our accommodation owners we can make them aware of the group logistics. This makes arrangements for things like meeting up for evening meals easier. We can also offer our advice on the available options for food.

At The Cotswold Walking Co. we will be able to offer you a discount for your Cotswold Way Group. So, if you are thinking of bringing a group to the Cotswolds for 2018 then contact us. Here is a link to our contact page. We will plan your itinerary from start to finish. Offer advice based on local knowledge of The Cotswolds. We have been organizing holidays for over 12 years now and treat all our customers as guests. Good reasons to bring your Cotswold way group to us.

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