Cotswold Way hiking

 Cotswold Way hiking, how difficult is the route?

We are often asked ‘how difficult is it to hike The Cotswold Way?’ Well, it is a difficult question to answer as much depends on the person choosing to hike. Here is further information which should help you answer that question: the Cotswold Way hiking route is 102 miles long. There are no big hills or mountains to traverse. The highest point is Cleeve Hill at 314 metres, seen below.

Cotswold Way Cleeve Hill

That doesn’t mean however that the route is flat. The Cotswold landscape is one of escarpments and rolling hills. There are often two or three ascents and descents each day. So you get great views and this is one reason why the route is popular with people from all over the world. There are villages and hamlets that are off the popular tourism routes and seldom get visitors. That is another great reason to explore the region on foot.

Cotswold Way view

Compared with many other recognised walking routes around the world or even in The UK, The Cotswold Way hiking route is not difficult by comparison. That said the walking is rarely flat and it does depend a lot on far you intend to walk each day? This is down to you. Most of our guests doing Cotswold Way hiking choose between 7 and 8 walking days to complete the route averaging 12-14 miles per day. If you think this is going to be a little much then why not try our next most popular itinerary,  12 walking days, link here. This gives you time to stop and spend time in the numerous pretty Cotswold towns and villages.

Cotswold Village view

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