Getting to and from The Cotswold Way

We are often asked by our guests, about getting to and from The Cotswold Way. The reasons for this are that it is often not a simple process. Transport links to the region are not obvious because of the lack of big towns & cities. Local links within the Cotswolds vary in frequency because of the lack of population.

Here then are some suggestions and useful links to help you.

If you are arriving by car then there is free long term parking spaces available in Chipping Campden. The place is called ‘Back Ends’ close to the centre of town. Spaces are limited but they are seldom in high demand. The parking has no security however and you will be leaving your car at your own risk. It has been a popular choice with hikers from all over the UK for over 20 years.

The Cotswold Way signpost

If you are arriving from an airport then you have the following choices:

Taxi/private transfer, the most direct and quickest option but also the most expensive.

Train, a popular choice. If heading to Chipping Campden then the closet train station is Moreton in Marsh, 5 miles away. From Moreton you can arrange a private transfer to get you to Chipping Campden. There are local taxi firms who are sometimes waiting at the train station or you can prearrange this.  Bath has its own train station which is centrally located. Here is a link to the national rail network which shows all your available options: . You can enter the relevant places, for example, ‘Heathrow’ and then ‘Moreton in Marsh’ and it will give you all the relevant trains, their times, the amount of time it takes and the prices.

Bus service,  the national bus service is useful to compare convenience and prices against trains. Here is the link to The National Express network and again you can enter details The closest town for Chipping Campden is Evesham for this option.

We hope this blog is useful for you. If you have any questions or need further help with getting to and from The Cotswold Way then get in touch. Here is our email address:

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