Hiking in The Cotswolds

Beware of The Cotswold Lion!

People come to the Cotswolds for lots of reasons. A very few come to try and see The Cotswold Lion. When you are hiking in The Cotswolds it is very likely you will many common sheep. In years gone by there were a very many Cotswold Lions. Today, unfortunately, less so, as they are now a rare breed of sheep.

Cotswold lion
Cotswold lion

The Cotswold region got rich on wool manufacture. Sheep were grazed in large enclosed fields or ‘cots’ which were often situated on hills or ‘wolds’. Now you know how the region came to be named. The particular type of sheep named The Cotswold Lion grew fast and had a large, heavy fleece. Ideal for wool manufacture.

During the 15 Century merchants, land owners and the church were rich from the wool industry. The Cotswold Lion sheep was at the centre of our wool trade with Europe. The Lord Chancellor’s seat in the House of Lords was even made of wool. It was known as ‘The Woolsack’.

Cotswold Way Stanway House
Stanway House

Why will you see so many fine houses and churches when hiking in The Cotswolds? Money from the wool trade made it possible to build so many beautiful buildings. So, the reason comes down to it’s most famous resident, The Cotswold Lion.

We hope you enjoy a holiday hiking in The Cotswolds. We hope you have chance to see the many sheep in the pretty Cotswold countryside. Perhaps you would like to hike The Cotswold Way or our own circular hiking route, Cotswold Finest?

Cotswold sheep in field
Cotswold sheep in field

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