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Don’t get lost when you navigate The Cotswold Way

At The Cotswold Walking Co we often get asked ‘how easy is it to navigate the Cotswold Way?’ The straightforward answer is that it is not too difficult. The route is well marked. There are white plastic circular markers that have a yellow arrow and black acorn on them at regular intervals. There are also large wooden Cotswold signposts.

Cotswold Way marker The Cotswold Way signpost

We provide the official national trail book for all our guests hiking the route. It serves as an excellent hiking companion. The book has detailed mapping, history, general information and walking notes about the route. It also serves as a memento of our guest’s experiences when hiking on The Cotswold Way route. We have done this since we first started our Cotswold hiking business in 2006.

Technology has moved forward rapidly since then. Though we still prefer the old ways of navigating there are some very useful navigating tools now available.  For the more technically minded, wishing to Navigate The Cotswold Way, here are some links you should find useful. You can download a GPX file of the whole route here:

There are also some useful phone apps for The Cotswold Way route. Available on the App Store for IOS devices you can currently pay $8.99 for Trekright: Cotswold Way.

Our favourite is the app ‘’ which is not only worldwide but also free.  It has the advantage of working offline, as long as you have downloaded the region that you are interested in. This means that even without an internet connection you can use the app.

If you have any questions about how to navigate The Cotswold Way then get in touch with us at The Cotswold Walking co. here.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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