Reasons to visit The Cotswolds

Here then are some of the top reasons to visit The Cotswolds.

1 The Landscape – The Cotswolds was designated an AONB Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in 1966. The region covers 790 square miles and approximately 100 miles from the city of Bath and the county of Wiltshire in the south. Through Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire to Warwickshire and Worcestershire in the north. The Cotswolds contain ancient woodlands, wildflower meadows, green rolling hills, clear streams and open moorland.

The Cotswolds Batsford Arboretum

2 The History – Over 6000 years of history. From Neolithic settlements and burial chambers through Bronze and Iron Age forts. Romans towns and villas and ancient roads. The Middle Ages provided The Cotswolds thanks to the breed of sheep known as the Cotswold Lion. The subsequent wool trade made people rich and in turn paid for the expensive churches standing today in many prominent Cotswold towns and villages.

The Cotswolds Hailes Abbey

3 The Buildings – The natural honey coloured Cotswold stone that is the main building material in the region. The picture postcard cottages, halls, houses and drystone walls make the region beautiful and unique.

Sudelely Castle & Gardens

4 Places to Visit – Ancient burial mounds, hill forts and castles. Abbeys and churches, manors and market halls. Parkland and gardens, woodland and nature reserves. For more information you can see our last five blogs starting here

Cotswold Way Sign Post

5 The Walking routes – The Cotswolds has a rich and diverse range of experiences to suit all kinds of walkers. The variety and quality of the footpaths are up with the best in the country. Thanks are due to the Cotswold Voluntary Wardens who maintain them for people to enjoy.

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